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This BuzzFeed Reporter is Covering America's Cannabis Revolution

When you write about weed all day, you might smoke some too.

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It’s been nearly three years since the world’s first weed reporter hit the scene. Now “canna-journalists” covering the many angles of the cannabis industry have popped up at dozens of publications.

On this episode of Highly Productive, a MERRY JANE original series, we profile Amanda Chicago Lewis, a national reporter at BuzzFeed.

Amanda covers the ins and outs of the cannabis industry from legalization efforts and regulations to the science behind the potent plant.

With legalization on the ballot in states across the United States, it’s safe to say America is currently in the midst of a “green” revolution, but covering cannabis isn’t as easy as it sounds. “I’m kind of like a Narc! Most people don’t want to talk to me,” laughs Amanda, who has been a writer since she was two years old. Four years ago, she moved to Los Angeles, in part, due to the legal weed scene.

Amanda explains it's her job to make sure marijuana consumers are highly informed.

With her watchdog approach, Amanda hopes her coverage will help make the legal marijuana industry safer and fair.

Watching Amanda in action blows the stereotype of the lazy stoner out of the water.

Through her work as a journalist, and by sharing her story with MERRY JANE, Amanda hopes to inspire other weed smokers to come out of the green closet.

Check out our latest installment of Highly Productive and take a toke as we spend a day in the life of BuzzFeed reporter Amanda Chicago Lewis at work and at her favorite neighborhood dispensary La Brea Collective

Highly Productive is a MERRY JANE original series profiling people who kick ass at their career but still enjoy or medically partake in cannabis. Who should we feature next? Tell us in the comments below and subscribe to our YouTube to check out all of our original videos.

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