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The World’s Largest Cannabis Facility Has Broken Ground

When finished, the building will be the size of 16 football fields.

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Aurora Cannabis of Canada has just broken ground to what they believe will be the world’s biggest cannabis facility, and stoners throughout our neighboring country are salivating and the possible product the company will create.

According to Metro News, once construction has finished, the 800,000-square-foot facility, “Aurora Sky” will be able to fit 16 football fields inside and should produce more than 220,000 pounds of product.

“We’re building, to our knowledge the world’s largest – and certainly the world’s most advanced and automated – cannabis production facility,” explains Cam Battley, executive vice-president of Aurora. “It is a game changer. There is nothing like it in the world.”

While the new building is located on 30 acres of leased land in Ludic County, Aurora has experience as they already run a sizable operation with a 55,200-square-foot grow operation in Mountain View County that produces over 15,000 pounds of weed per year.

The design is based off of a Dutch system pre-engineered in the Netherlands in October of 2016, and according to the press release the design will allow “cultivation specialists precision control over all critical environmental variables to ensure production quality” including perfect lighting, the right temperature, and essential nutrient amounts.

The grow operation will commence at the time of the buildings’ expected completion in the fall of 2017.  More details will be released in the coming days, including the number of jobs the project is expected to create.

Battley continues, “Nobody’s producing cannabis on that scale anywhere in the world right now.”

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