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Smoke, Flicks and Chill: Terrible Job Movies

Celebrate Labor Day with characters whose 9-to-5 sucks more than yours.

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Whether you punch a card, sign a sheet, work in an office, or work from your couch, a job is still a job. You can repeatedly tell yourself how much you’re enthralled by your choice of career path—and that may actually be true for a select lucky few—there’s no denying that a day spent at the beach is significantly better than a day behind a desk, especially if they don't allow you to smoke.

With Labor Day—a holiday intended to celebrate the Labor Movement and the achievements of workers across America—approaching, it’s the perfect time to sit back, spark up, and do absolutely nothing. Rather, you could use that free time well and watch others struggle on-screen at mundane jobs and make yourself feel a little bit better about your grind. Behold, a variety of 9-to-5 movies that show you may not have it that bad after all.

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