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Tender of the Week: Frosted Leaf Denver

Check out a high tech dispensary serving the Mile-High City.

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With the MERRY JANE 420 Wellness Retreat in Denver this week, our team toured more than a dozen dispensaries across the Mile High City to gather a glimpse into the cannabis culture of Colorado

At the Frosted Leaf's Cherry Creek location we met Jessica, a budtender who relocated to the region from Texas.  

Photos: Audrey Dempsey/MERRY JANE

MERRY JANE: How has the 420 experience in Denver been for you so far? 

Jessica: It's been insane. It's its own holiday. People are geared up and ready to have fun, associate with new people, meet new people, and have new experiences.

MJ: What's your favorite part about working at the Frosted Leaf? 

J: Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and the Frosted Leaf has been a leader in the industry, especially in regards to technology.  We focus a lot on the convenience of the customer and their satisfaction. You can pre-order items online and we'll have them ready upon arrival. 

MJ:  What was your most memorable customer experience. 

J: An older woman called and was asking questions about her husband who suffered from various conditions for many years. I guided her through information on CBD and THC. She came in and got some CBD pills and medicine. She later called and said he'd slept through the entire night for the first time in years and he still had no pain.  He was doubled over in pain when I first saw him, so to hear that he was completely relieved of that was incredible. 

MJ: Tell us about the first time you got high.

J: It was a country setting. I was out in nature, in the woods as it should be, right? (Laughs) I was actually introduced by a cousin of mine.  It was a really good experience. I was having fun with my friends, there was a bonfire, it was a great time!

MJ: Describe your standard smoke session. 

J: I like the old school of passing around a joint, I can't lose that connection of it. That's my favorite way. I like sativa's. I'm a big fan of the Golden Goat, I like the energy and euphoria that comes along with it. I do like my bong hits, I won't lie. But when you have a party, you need to have a joint. 

Frosted Leaf

399 S Harrison St.

Denver, CO 80209

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