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Super High Score: Indie Game Mix Torrent - Volume 1

If you're looking to learn anything about video games, Tuesday is your day to do it.

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It's Tuesday, your new favorite day of the week -- and we're absolutely ensuring this to be 100% true by delivering the first 'INDIE GAME MIX TORRENT - Volume 1,' presented by The Stoned Gamer and MERRY JANE.

The world of indie gaming is a vast one, and we know that it's easy to get lost in the fray of it all. That's why I've selected six of the greatest indie games that a stoned gamer could possibly play, and jammed them all into one wildly interesting torrent. All games have been offered to the MERRY JANE audience for free by their respective designers, so there's no need to worry about the Feds knocking on your door later today. At least, not because of this. We don't know what you guys do in your spare time, stoned gamers.

Here's a brief rundown of the games that are included in INDIE GAME MIX TORRENT - Volume 1, presented by The Stoned Gamer and MERRY JANE.

With Orchids to Dusk, it's all about finding a good place to die. You're an astronaut that crash landed on an alien planet. Your oxygen levels are slowly depleting with each movement you make. Death is imminent, so you better make the rest of your life a good one. Designed by Pol Clarissou, Orchids to Dusk is really a stark realization of the human condition, so we suggest a very heady sativa to be smoked while playing this game.

The nostalgia of the internet in 2002. We all obsessively used AIM back in those days, and if you didn't then you're clearly not being truthful with yourself and the MERRY JANE audience. Shame on you.

Emily is Away is such an unexpectedly compelling game that everyone inside The Stoned Gamer office played it in its entirety, and we feel like better human beings because of it. Our suggestion for this would be to have a hearty bowl of indica to accompany Emily is Away.

Beyond Perception will make your brain drip out of your nose from sheer confusion. That's the only way to describe this game to someone that has a knack for mind-melting entertainment. In short, it's a 3D game that must be played in 2D. That's right, you have to traverse dimensions just to comprehend Beyond Perception. Only play if you have a snake of your finest BHO ready to dab yourself into the next dimension -- because you'll need it just to complete Beyond Perception.

All the way from Switzerland and directly to your blood-shot eyes. Najr is similar to Mike Bithell's 'Thomas Was Alone,' the game I had a existential crisis over on back in 2014. The mechanics are just a bit different in Najr, but the seductive storyline is still there. Have an mildly-strong edible before you venture into the world of Najr, because you'll probably be there for a very long time.

We can't tell if Joy Exhibition is just a really clever way to get people to make abstract wallpapers for their computer. In the game, you find yourself inside a very busy alien art museum that's hurdling through space, and it's up to you to create the art for the patrons. It's a fun way to game and manifest art, and there's probably a term for that exact thing--but I'm not that sophisticated enough to know what it is. Only play Joy Exhibition with the resin you find in your discarded bongs. Just kidding. There is no such thing as a 'discarded bong.'

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Daniel Linssen, one of my favorite indie game developers in the industry, crafted this truly amazing 8-bit masterpiece Roguelight. Sure it's highly addictive, but it's also a study in reincarnation and the purpose of life. At least it was for me when I played it. Granted, I was really high when I first fired it up, and you should be too when you play Roguelight. It's a side-scroller that has some very traditional action/RPG elements to it. Oh, and the soundtrack for Roguelight--it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Download the INDIE GAME MIX TORRENT - Volume 1 right here. The torrent can also be found on The Pirate Bay, just search for it there. Always, stoned gamers, don't forget to seed.

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