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Strains and Songs: Ghost OG

The perfect playlist for a spooky, Ghost OG-inspired session.

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Music and cannabis share much in common:  both are timeless, both contain widely diverse “genres” and “strains” respectively, and both have a way of making people feel something good. It’s no wonder--no big mystery--why they go hand-in-hand and complement one another. This series, Strain & Song Pairings, will examine optimal combinations of music and cannabis in an effort to elicit particular moods and sensations for the betterment of both experiences.

Ghost OG is a well-balanced indica-dominate hybrid strain that possesses a refreshing and invigorating taste of lemons. The remaining flavor profile is earthy and pungent, combining to create a strain that packs a powerful punch. The nug itself is a frosty green, covered in crystalline trichomes, and speckled with light orange pistils.

However, it is the exquisite effects of this strain that truly make it shine. Famous for being an excellent ‘wake-and-bake’ strain, Ghost OG delivers a balanced high that is neither too cerebral, nor too tiring. Do not be misled though –  this is a potent strain. Its most beneficial qualities are providing relief for anxiety and depression while offering bursts of euphoria and joy. It is also known as an excellent strain for the relief of pain and insomnia, while offering relaxation in its stead.

A phenotype of OG Kush, Ghost OG is said to have originated in the Afghanistan-Pakistan mountains. However, it is also rumored that Triangle Kush, a Floridian strain, is its mother.

Ghost OG is a truly enjoyable strain, and in the spirit of its name and the Halloween season, a spooky, yet groovy playlist is the perfect counter element. The following custom playlist, named for the stain, consists of five songs which invoke the ghoulish season and will make a fine accompaniment for this invigorating strain.

"Beezlebub" by Beats Antique with guest artist, (the infamous) Les Claypool, starts this playlist off with a funky and dark melody that will tempt one into erratic and zombie-esque dance. The deep expert bass of virtuoso, Claypool, adds a haunting and devilish groove to the song, while his deep singing evokes twisted chanting, as though the song itself will summon the demon Beezlebub from the depths of the earth.

From there the playlist moves into "Anonymous Skulls" by Medeski, Martin & Wood. The masterfully talented improvisational, avant-garde jazz trio combine expert keyboard, drum and bass to construct a truly haunting melody for this song. Strictly instrumental, the ghostly tune will transport you to a world of mystery, where images of skeletons creeping and ghouls grooving flutter through the mind.

Next up is "Haunted" by Beyoncé, a track that suits its namesake, with a haunting melody and harmony that takes several twists in different directions, each as gripping as the next. Her vocals are deep and melodic, with a touch of drama and sensuality. The combination of haunting and glitchy vibes in the track creates a sensational dichotomy that envelopes the listener in something as dark as it is heartfelt.

"The Blackest Day" by Lana Del Rey follows suit, dropping us into a soft and all-encompassing ghostly melody that reverberates through the chest and fills the ears with sounds so sweet and yet so dark; like the richest chocolate. Her vocals are full and, once again, the sound is haunting – both ethereal and terribly raw. The low rhythmic vibrations cast a backdrop for ghostly background vocals that carry the shadowy lyrics like a dark river on a moonless night.

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Finally, the playlist ends with a classic: "I Put A Spell On You" by the queen herself, Nina Simone. Simone’s one-of-a-kind, powerful, and soothingly warm vocals croon the lyrics with intense soul and energy. The listener is thrust into the dark and romantic groove as it tugs at heartstrings with a clawed grip and dangerous passion, leaving a yearning for more even as it ends on a strong and melodic high note that reverberates wickedly through the air.

These five songs, through their various melodies and harmonies, invoke a ghoulish mood befitting the Ghost OG strain. Dark, haunting, devilish and tempting, this strain and playlist pairing will leave one feeling as though they belong to the night.

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