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The Stories Behind the Most Petty Spite Houses Ever

Erected with much dysfunction.

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Is it just us or are you also feeling a lot of rage and the urge to get completely petty these days? Perhaps it’s President Trump’s truly vindictive spirit and revenge-seeking behavior that has brought out the worst in us. Or, maybe we have a perfectly natural need to work out some aggression.

There are lots of healthy ways to work through anger. Some people go to the gym. Others meditate. Drake bought the house of his neighbor who complained about his noise. And some really, really angry people don’t just buy the house next door, they build a house to infuriate their neighbors. “Spite houses,” as they are known, are properties designed to block sunlight, a neighbor’s view, or challenge a city ordinance. Constructed with sheer malice, these oddly shaped and often useless buildings are an impressive display of human-on-human animosity. Here are the stories behind some of the greatest, most spiteful erections.

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