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Stop Light Observations Seek Comfort in Their Latest Single “Security”

The Charleston-based rockers release an enthralling anthem that all millennials can relate with.

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For those of us who are considered to be from the millennial generation, security and comfort is something many of us have struggled to find at times. With a political system that only seems to come together when it serves to keep us down, following in the meek footsteps of the Baby Boomer parents who worked endlessly to keep us safe and sound, a majority of us are left wandering through life feeling numb and without purpose.

At least that’s the story that the Charleston, South Carolina-based new-age blues band Stop Light Observations is telling in their new track “Security”.

The song begins with the eerie echo of xylophone notes, and is soon after commandeered by frontman Will Blackburn, who goes off on a poetic tangent about the false sense of security that the millennial generation seeks through consumerism and endless labor.

“I guess this is reality/ this product I must really need/ when I get it I’ll be happy/ all I need is security,” Blackburn croons in a soft tone. The song itself is bright and spontaneous, featuring a bellowing and harmonious bridge that wakes the listener up from the mundaneness of everyday reality.

"Millennials have gotten to watch their parents achieve moderate to great success on average, while also getting to observe successes lack of happiness that it fulfills. We spend our lives working so we can provide for our children instead of spending time with our children. America is experiencing a numb state, and as a millennial I feel confident that my generation can speak for this truth the best. We have been spoiled to the point where material has no luster. I believe a great shift is on its way and “Security” is my way of saying it,” band member John-Keith Culbreth stated.

Stop Light Observations has also taken a crack at the American political system with their cover art for “Security” and their previously released single "Aquarius Apocalyptic”.

On “Security”, the cover art features a cartoonish rendition of Hillary Clinton with hair made of scandalous emails. On "Aquarius Apocalyptic”, the band uses a similarly styled picture of Donald Trump, who has his hair made out of cold hard cash. These two new tracks, along with their first single "Dinosaur Bones", will all be featured on the band’s upcoming album Toogoodoo, which is scheduled to drop on August 26.

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