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Stoners Rejoice At the Marriage of Mac N’ Cheetos

The delectable duo available on June 17 has the Internet drooling for a limited time.

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Stoners across the information superhighway have been salivating all over their keyboards since word spread of Burger King’s upcoming menu addition, Mac n’ Cheetos.

For a limited time beginning June 27, in a matrimony of munchies, macaroni and cheese will be delightedly deep fried into Cheeto-shaped puffs and shielded with a familiar crispy Cheetos flavored coating.

“No one understands snacking better than Cheetos, and our expertise at Burger King restaurants’ is serving guests on the go, so it just made sense that we come together to reinvent this favorite food like it’s never been done before,” said Alex Schwan, Burger King’s executive vice president and global chief marketing officer.

Not wanting to be overshadowed by the success of Doritos’ appearance in Taco Bell restaurants enveloping the Locos Taco or the Doritos Loaded at your neighborhood 7-11, Cheetos is embarking on a delicious journey into the hearts and minds of snack-centered fast food lovers across the country.

Cheetos has been known for leaving a finger-licking powdery orange edible encore since it was introduced in 1948.  It is also the snack that led Fritos founder Charles Elmer Doolin to join forces with Herman W. Lay for marketing and distribution of his new cheesy treat – a partnership which led to the creation of Frito-Lay.  Cheetos also became the first American snack food to be made and distributed in China.

One Cheeto appeared on the national scene in 2009 when one said to be in the shape of Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk appeared on eBay and sold for $35.18.  Mac N’ Cheetos will come in packs of 5 with a suggested retail price of $2.49, possibly more if you can find one shaped as a celebrity or one that resembles the almighty “Cheesus.”

The masterful mashup of familiar foods has been sweeping the food industry for quite some time, although there has not been buzz of this magnitude over the release of such a ridiculously delicious pairing.  

Whether you are a full-blown fast food junkie or a conscious health-centered foodie worried about ruining your summer beach bod, it is just nice to know that they will be available, if only for a limited time.

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