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Marijuana Sales Spike Day Before and After Thanksgiving

New report shows "Weed Wednesday" and "Green Friday" are huge for the cannabis industry.

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Stoners are big fans of the Thanksgiving holiday, especially the day before it and the day after, according to a new report from Bloomberg News.

In states where marijuana is now legal to purchase for adults 21 and over, the cannabis industry is preparing for a high-powered increase in business that is expected to start the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and trickle over into what has been deemed Green Friday.

Last year, cannabusinesses in jurisdictions where prohibition is now a dead issue experienced a 30 percent increase in overall sales during what has been deemed “Weed Wednesday” – a day when the entire nation launches into full–blown consumer mode in preparation for the epitome of holiday meals.

The report shows that stoners use this time to stock up on marijuana edibles and THC-infused beverages in the same manner as some might do to ensure there is plenty of beer and hard liquor on hand for the football game prior to carving up the bird. In fact, the boost in sales here is significant --- a 60 percent increase in the sale of edibles and a 70 percent boost in drinks. 

Once nothing remains on the family dinner table except the carcass of a once overpriced fowl, it seems that the stoner class prepares to hit the cannabis dispensaries once again that Friday to stock up on more goodies to last them throughout the weekend. In 2015, dispensaries in Washington experienced a 13 percent increase in sales on Green Friday, while some Denver pot shops saw their sales double.

"It looks like people stock up before the holiday on products that are easy to share amongst friends and family," Headset Chief Technology Officer Scott Vickers told Bloomberg. "These products also allow inconspicuous consumption so could be used to relieve the monotony or tension of some family get-togethers where cannabis is frowned upon."

As it stands, the U.S. recreational cannabis market is worth an estimated $20 billion, with that number expected to grow substantially within the next couple of years, as four other states – California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada – launch their respective retail pot markets.

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