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States With Legalized Recreation Sell the Cheapest Cannabis

Can you guess which state has the lowest rates?

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Since 2012, Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon have legalized recreational marijuana and unsurprisingly, the cheapest and highest quality cannabis is sold in these four states. Comparing rates between the four, Alaska is most expensive at $294 an ounce and Colorado follows an average of $243 for an ounce. In Washington, an ounce goes for $232 and the cheapest is Oregon, which charges roughly $204. The only unlegalized state to beat the prices of both Colorado and Alaska is California. In California, an ounce of cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary is typically $242.

Compared to the rest of the country, where cannabis is sold illegally, these prices are a bargain. In Louisiana, an ounce can cost up to $359 and, with only a dollar difference, Pennsylvania cannabis-lovers usually spend $360. Though, out of the entire country, the most expensive state to buy cannabis is North Dakota, with an ounce costing $387. Along with being the most expensive state, North Dakota’s marijuana policy, although not the country’s harshest, is unforgiving: possession of at least an ounce is considered a felony and can be punishable up to 5 years in prison. So, if you are looking for cheap cannabis and no jail time, it may be time to head to the West Coast.

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