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South Carolina Law Enforcement Testifies in Favor of Medical Marijuana Bill

78% of South Carolina residents support medical marijuana legalization.

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This week, several South Carolina law enforcement officials held a press conference alongside members of Compassionate South Carolina to show their support for a new medical marijuana bill being reviewed by state legislators.

After the conference, Jeffrey Moore, former head of the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association; Bill Nettles, former US Attorney for the District of South Carolina; and former North Charleston police officer Raeford Davis testified to the state Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee in support of Senate bill S. 212. This bill would allow patients with specific medical conditions access to medical marijuana if prescribed by their doctor.

“This is sensible, compassionate, and responsible legislation,” Moore said. “It establishes a tightly controlled program that would help a lot of seriously ill South Carolinians, including our veterans suffering from PTSD. This law was designed to serve and protect. It will improve the quality of life for patients while safeguarding the quality of life in our communities.”

“Two-thirds of the U.S. population resides in states that allow qualifying patients to use medical cannabis if their doctors recommend it,“ Nettles said. “South Carolinians who could benefit from medical cannabis should not have to move away from their families, friends, and jobs in order to access it. Patients battling cancer, epilepsy, and other debilitating conditions need to have every option available in their treatment arsenal.”

In a recent poll, 78% of South Carolina residents voiced their support for medical marijuana. Only 16% believe that the drug should remain completely illegal. S. 212 is still being reviewed by the Senate committee, and it is unknown when it will come up for a full vote.

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