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Snoop & Tony Hinchcliffe Talk Comedy Roasts, UFC, and Pee Wee Herman

Get a taste of Snoop and Tony’s hilarious conversation in the latest GGN preview.

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Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe “takes it there.” And then he takes it a bit further. With his dark, edgy sense of humor, the 33-year-old from Youngstown, Ohio, has been making eyes pop and guts bust in the decade that he’s been performing and hosting on stages at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Since 2013, he’s been hosting the hilarious podcast Kill Tony, which he records live in the club’s Belly Room with both famous and select up-and-coming comedians. His many fans include some of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars. Recognizing his similarly fearless stand-up style, Jeff Ross — the motherfucking Roastmaster General (!) — tabbed him to write for Comedy Central Roasts. Joe Rogen made him a regular guest on his popular podcast, The Joe Rogen Experience, in 2014. In 2016, Netflix gave him his first comedy special, One Shot, and Snoop Dogg invited him to perform on Fusion’s All Def Roast of the Doggfather. He absolutely slayed.

Making time in his busy schedule, Hinchcliffe stopped by the GGN studios to catch up with his friend Snoop, get ridiculously high, and discuss roasts, his comedic influences, the differences between being a comedian and a musician, working with comedy legends, mentoring UFC president Dana White in comedy, growing up in tough neighborhood, ninja shoes, and much more.

Watch the video above to “go there” with Hinchcliffe and Snoop, and get a taste of their hilarious conversation. 

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