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Smoking Weed on South Beach Will Cost You Nearly a Stack

​Rapper MobSquad Nard talks weed and music with MERRY JANE.

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In Los Angeles, where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes, 1.7 grams of bud will cost you roughly $25.

In South Beach, getting caught with 1.7 grams of weed will not only land you in jail, you’ll also have to hand over a hefty fine, ModSquad Nard told MERRY JANE after his recent brush with the law in the sunshine state.  

The Jacksonville native said he recently spent seven hours in Dade County jail for getting busted with a blunt.

The up-and-comer, who is looking to put North Florida on the map, chats with MERRY JANE about the dank keeping his ashtray filthy this summer.

MERRY JANE: Your debut project Everything Clean But the Ashtray was well received by fans, lots of picture of dirty ashtrays posted on Instagram thanks to you.

Nard: (Laughs) It’s funny, people started tweeting me and posting pics of their ashtrays. I get excited about the interaction, especially going on tour this summer. We hit Canada first then come down the West Coast and then head across the country.

MJ: What are you smoking on these days?

N: I know a lot of people like the Sour Diesel and the Girl Scout Cookies, but I love that Grandaddy Purp. It’s got a lot of flavor.

MJ: Backwoods, Dutchmasters, or Swishers?

N: I used to smoke Swishers, but I converted to Backwoods because it burns a little slower and it's heavier.

MJ: Tell us about the first time you got high.

N: My first time smoking, I was 12 or 13, living in Jacksonville. I was watching my big cousin tear up the weed and roll it up so we were trying to be cool. We used notebook paper and tried to roll it up. I think the first thought that went through my head was just how nasty a blunt tastes.

MJ: How would you describe your relationship with The Smokers Club?

N: The Smokers Club is a crew of true stoners. We're united, we smoke together and chill so it will be cool to burn one in a city I’ve never been to before and see how the audience vibes from city to city. That’s the most exciting part.

Check out MobSqaud Nard’s new mixtape MobSquad Summer dropping this June.

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