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Smoke, Flicks, and Chill: Wedding Season

Here comes the.. oh, no, that’s not good.

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The concept of a holy matrimony has always had a stigma to be the best day of a girl’s (and hopefully the guy’s) life. Even the most soulless of people find themselves shedding a tear when that blinding white dress comes a-strolling down the aisle to wed the man of her dreams. But unfortunately, if you’ve followed along with cinema at least, weddings don’t always go off with a hitch. And dearly beloved, we are all gathered here today.. But it’s to get stoned out of our minds. Now, everyone, raise a glass and be extremely thankful that these short-lived summer months mean one thing: It’s wedding season. Here are five marital-focused movies (in no particular order) that’ll make you want to forget the words “seating chart” forever. Without further ado..

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