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Smoke, Flicks, and Chill: Sci-Fi Classics

Take yourself to a place unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before.

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We live in a world where just about anything can happen, and in an intricate domain like filmmaking, ideas can be projected from a basic, small scale to an other-worldly fictional examination of life as nothing you’ve ever seen before. For a genre such as science fiction, you can combine the best of action, thrillers, horror, and even a little slapstick comedy humor to create that ultimate dystopian blockbuster. Will it ever actually happen? Who knows, but for right now, immerse yourself in this new discovery—you wont regret it. Heres the list of some sci-fi favorites (in no particular order) to watch while stoned. Open your mind to all the possibilities.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Kicking off this list is a recent personal favorite and one that youll most certainly be purchasing on DVD (remember those?) after your first watch. With a tagline of Live, Die, Repeat,you can understand why this sci-fi masterpiece could have some Groundhog Day-esque feels behind it, with Tom Cruise cast as an untrained cocky PR officer plopped in the middle of an alien war with no victory in sight. After being killed almost instantly in combat, Cruise finds himself immersed in a time loop, forcing him to go back after each death and unlock details to defeating this imminent threat. It also helps that he has Emily Blunt at his side, labeled Full Metal Bitchand proving once again why shes one of Hollywoods most sought-after actresses. With a last name like that.. cmon now.

Munchie: No time to cook a meal, this is war — cheese and crackers it is.

Children of Men (2006)

Alfonso Cuarons thought provoking take on a bleak future will have your head spinning way before the ending credits. This mid-2000s dystopian flick finds us in a world where infertility is going strong with the populations demise almost certain—that is, until Clive Owens character is entrusted with ensuring the safety of a young immigrant who is the first person in generations to be pregnant. Dont expect to see any outer space creatures or high-flying ships; this is a futuristic movie set in a political war zone where the only thing people are yearning for is a little bit of hope. Even with the smoggy, grey overview, theres still a chance of light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe thats just your joint burning.

Munchie: Indulge in our world that has plenty to offer—the world is your.. mm.. oysters.

Alien (1979)

Sometimes its never a bad thing to revert back to the classics, and a classic this most certainly is. Ridley Scotts take on a sci-fi horror creature feature places Sigourney Weaver in the middle of the galaxy with the worst kind of company. Its true that in space, no one can hear you scream, and the films tagline is only one instance where we relate back to the constant isolation and loneliness felt in the film, on top of overwhelming fear courtesy of a huge acid-spitting extraterrestrials presence. Its eerie, its scary, and it makes for a great choice to watch while high out of your mind.

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Munchie: Gushers—thats the closest youll get to a chest burst.

Ex Machina (2015)

Theres a big reason this picked up an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects alongside mounds of praise for Alicia Vikanders killer performance. This twisted tale of a programmer granted the opportunity to work alongside a genius goes from 0 to 100 after he realizes hes been chosen to instead administer a Turing Test to a fully-auctioning AI (Vikander). The film itself is more polished than the featured robotic creations, providing thoughts and thrills throughout the entire run time thatll make you question if something like this scenario is already capable of happening in real time. Director Alex Garland will have you screaming with your fist held high as nothing from Ex Machina truly is as it really seems—and thats the best part.

Munchie: Something to juice you up — just avoid the batteries, were not the robots here.

The Matrix (1999)

Lets get straight to the point: Youve undoubtedly seen The Matrix before, maybe once, twice, or so many times that you legally changed your name to Neo. Hey, no one is judging. Youre up to speed on the whole war against the machines, youve tried (and failed) a slow-mo back bend in order to dodge bullets, and youve daydreamed of what might happen if you pick up an ominous, ringing payphone. Theres no need to explain more to this mind fuck, except that unless youre a die-hard Wachowski fan, youre better off just watching this one 3 times instead of moving on to the sequels. But thats up to you.

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Munchie: Whats it going to be: The red pill or the blue pill?

Are you over 18?