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Smoke, Flicks, and Chill: Food Documentaries

Hopefully you have food in the fridge because you'll be hungry after reading about all the food documentaries you need to watch.

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Whether you’re familiar with the science behind what causes an increase in appetite or not, there’s no denying that a good smoke session often leads to a munchies mayhem of epic proportions and everyone handles it in their own special way. Some people are the type to reach for a Pop Tart, while others go all out with a full course dinner. Whatever your munchies style, these documentaries will appeal to the blossoming foodie in you.

Three Stars (2010)

It’s all about the business side of the culinary industry as this documentary examines what it takes to really be the best. Get a glimpse at what it takes to be at the top of the cuisine game with a look at nine chefs from three different continents that have earned the highly-coveted Michelin star for their cooking.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

This masterful documentary follows virtuoso Jiro Ono, whose immaculate sushi has garnered him high-profile fans from around the globe and the status as a legend. Watch as the 85-year old bests chefs half his age at the art of sushi-making, including his own son.

The Search for General Tso (2014)

Chinese takeout is a staple go-to for convenient eating, but the mystery behind one of the most-ordered dishes at most restaurants is still looming. This documentary explores the origins behind General Tso and the infamous dish named after him.

TED Talks: Chew on This (2011)

This 14-episode series explores a range of topics in the well-loved, TED Talk format that has gotten people listening and learning about all things food related, including humane foie gras in Spain, the 100 million neurons in our gut, and more.

Street Food Around The World (2012)

Stepping away from the world of fine dining doesn’t always have to mean compromising on quality when it comes to eating, and this documentary series proves that. Take a trip into locales with delicious offerings from Mumbai to Mexico City.

Chef’s Table (2015)

This documentary profiles a number of contemporary chefs from around the world and their unique approach to the craft of cooking, as they blend creativity, passion and innovation to make some of the highest rating cuisines anywhere.

Soul Food Junkies (2012)

Learn about the cultural origins of soul food as food experts share their insight on the dietary and nutritional impact of its ingredients, and how consumers can adopt a healthier approach to cooking it without sacrificing the flavor.

Girl Eat World (2015)

Chef Kamini Pather travels around the world on a tour to sample some of the world’s most delicious eats. Follow her adventures as she journeys through the regional gems in places like Dubai, Milan, Berlin and Bangkok.

Steak Revolution (2014)

Meat lovers will appreciate this hearty film that documents the global hunt for the secrets behind the best steak. Farmers, chefs and butchers all weigh in on what makes a quality cut of meat so magical.

Spinning Plates (2013)

Three regions get the spotlight in this documentary that highlights the dining experiences at three restaurants in Illinois, Arizona and Iowa. While these profiles are about the food, the real meat is what goes on in the heads and hearts of those preparing the meals.

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