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Sleigh Bells “It’s Just Us Now” Doesn’t Make Sense

That's totally ok with us.

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November 11th will see the release of noise pop duo Sleigh Bell’s fifth studio album Jessica Rabbit, from which the singles “Rule Number One” and “Hyper Dark” have already seen light of day. Tuesday, they share their confusing yet enjoyable music video for “It’s Just Us Now.” The track is a melodic affair, rife with 90s guitars and a slightly distorted percussive claps.

The pop vocals compliment the production perfectly.

Narrative consistency is only of minor (if any) concern in the video, as it opens with a quote ;“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to build a fire.” Is this a declaration of anger? A tongue in cheek Goodfellas reference?

What follows is what appears to be frontwoman Alexis Krauss resurrecting from floating facedown in a pool, only to cry all her mascara off her face. She then flees an invisible assailant as frontman and guitarists shreds riffs in a cemetery with a bandana covering his face.  

Despite not having an inkling of what is actually going on, it makes for an enjoyable and puzzling watch. The mood and well shot visuals keep the interested piqued.

Listen to and watch “It’s Just Us Now” and let us know what you think it all means.


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