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Santa Ana Dispensary Case Develops

The case around the Santa Ana dispensary raid continues to unfold.

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Following shocking footage from a Santa Ana dispensary raid that swirled through the Internet all throughout last week, a new development has named Miguel Pulido, mayor of Santa Ana in the lawsuit. Citing his alleged involvement in taking in bribes in exchange for marijuana licenses, it seems as though Pulido and the city itself are going to be under a seriously watchful eye.


The suit, which also includes city employee Yvette Aguilar, claims that the city took $25,000 in bribery from dispensaries in return for their ability to remain open. Raids were supposedly used as a way to shut down those that did not pay up.

Pulido has publicly denied his involvement in the matter. "There is no money, there is no influencing any process in any manner I think (Pappas) is trying to protect his client and trying to just keep operating illegally. Sometimes the best defense is offense," Pulido added.

The internal investigation of the Santa Ana police that were involved in the original video remains ongoing.


Police Raid a Santa Ana Dispensary and It Was Caught on Tape


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