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Salmon is the Latest Addition to Cannabis Infused Fine Dining

The cannabis craving you never knew you had.

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Without a question, cannabis cooking is beginning to take life as a blossoming industry of its own. Fine dining has already been championed by many canna-chefs, both in official capacities and for those who prefer cooking in their own kitchen.

Owner of Denver's Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen Josh Pollack had an experiment of his own to try. Using his experience in the culinary side of bagels, he thought - wouldn't it be great to have cannabis-infused lox? That's right, Pollack created his own THC-infused salmon that allows lox-lovers to have the satisfaction of their favorite bagel snack while simultaneously getting high.

Pollack came to the unexpected infusion in a very simple way. “I love bagels and lox, and I love cannabis,” Pollack told The Guardian.

Originally, his food and cannabis creation was just a fun test he wanted to share for a 4/20 holiday. However, after seeing the wild reaction he received, he was determined to perfect the dosage. His first batch was reportedly so strong that most could not eat the entire bagel with lox. Since, Pollack has managed to find a better and more easily digestible balance for his new popular bagel menu item.

Unfortunately, customers hungry to try Pollack's salmon won't be able to purchase it at his delicatessen. He hopes to soon partner with local dispensaries and sell it on an order basis, since salmon doesn't have the same shelf life as other edible products.

Every three ounces of fish contains 10 milligrams of tincture, which he treats by curing the fish and allowing the salmon to dry for 72 hours to properly retain all the flavors.

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