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Sage Elsesser’s Skating Reigns Supreme

Watch Quartersnack’s incredible b-side footage remix of the young ripper.

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Back in 2014, Bill Strobeck’s “Cherry” film for Supreme unexpectedly catapulted a handful of young talented skaters—Tyshawn Jones, Nakel Smith, Sean Pablo, Kevin Bradley, Aidan Mackey and Sage Elsesser— onto the worldwide skateboard scene.

Since then, most, if not all, of those riders have flowered and leveled up in both professional status and big name sponsorship. Fresh off being graced with a brand-new signature shoe from Converse, Sage Elsesser is the current focus for New York skate site Quartersnacks' latest remix—b-sides of the homie artfully ripping through streets and life, set to the funky sounds of Fatback Band’s “I Found Lovin’.”

Seriously, if Marvel’s X-Men had a skateboarding division of mutants, Sage would be a no-brainer. The brother’s street abilities are uncanny on the four wheels; incredible pop, diversity of tricks, and superb style and finesse. He’s like Nightcrawler with the hops and Iceman with the poise. It’s the kind of exciting and good-spirited skating that inspires fun and progression.

We may personally not know the fellow, but with a mature style like his, there’s no doubt in our minds that there must be something meaningful behind the name “Sage.” Can someone call up his ‘rents and verify? It really suits him.

Now go do yourself a spiritual favor and watch the Sage burn here.

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