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Roman Lisivka Is an Eastern European Skateboard Wizard

His new part is full of steady style and bomb drops.

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Paul Rodriguez’s Primitive team is nothing to scoff at. Real talk, with dudes like Carlos Ribeiro Shane O’Neill, Diego Najera and Bastien Salabanzi on deck, it’s an automatic bomb squad of off-the-chart talent. Now, to add to the pack is Slovakian rider Roman Lisivka, whose new part is nothing short of extraordinary.

Shot by Kevin Perez and Henner Figueiredo, the Eastern European rider’s edit is a West Coast music-laced onslaught of technical ability on the board. It looks like there are magnets on Roman’s feet, to be quite honest. How else is he coming off of aggressive ledge grinds into perfect manuals? The world can only wonder.

For now, just do yourself the favor and let your own eyes do the investigating as Roman slays everything from the Los Angeles Courthouse to Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art a.k.a. MACBA with utter precision and finesse.

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