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Rick McCrank Gets Paranormal in his new Viceland Show "Abandoned"

Abandoned airs every Friday for 10 episodes.

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Rick McCrank, whom some of you might know as a wonderfully well rounded Canadian professional skateboarder, who is both as comfortable skating ledges, stairs and rails as he is tearing it up on transition. His love for travel and exploration has landed him a show on Vice’s Viceland channel called Abandoned, where he travels North America seeking out and skating at locations that have become deserted.

The first episode takes Rick to the Cleveland and North Eastern Ohio, where a once booming manufacturing area has lost nearly 50% of its population since the 1940s. The particular subject of this episode is abandoned malls, which Ohio seems to be ripe with. Once vibrant temples of consumption, now utterly decrepit and vacant.

He follows enthusiasts of Akron’s Rolling Acres Mall both reliving the nostalgia of having grown up there as well as searching for paranormal activity, and also manages to skate inside (at his own peril) it for a some time,doing his best to dodge the copious amounts of shattered glass and other debris that could inflict serious bodily harm. He even heads to a mall that has been reappropriated for religious purposes, having become home to nearly 30 churches despite the rather terrible conditions of the building.

Watch the first episode, “Ghost Mall” here, and check out some interviews with Rick about the show over at Vice and Thrasher. Abandoned air every Friday for 10 episodes.




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