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Rich Chigga Drops Visual For "Dat $tick" Remix featuring Ghostface Killah and Pouya

The 17-year-old Indonesian rapper and comedian Brian Imanuel joins ranks with the Wu-Tang legend on the remix to his viral hit "Dat $tick."

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Earlier this year, Indonesian comedian Brian Imanuel took the hip hop world by storm under the pseudonym Rich Chigga. His music video for the track “Dat $tick”, which features Imanuel spitting hot bars while swagged out in a fully buttoned pink polo and Reebok fanny pack, became the viral sensation of the year. Not only did Chigga become a beloved figure in the realm of the meme-filled internet, he actually gained respect from some of the biggest rappers around.  

This includes Wu-Tang Clan legend Ghostface Killah, who recently appeared alongside Rich Chigga and Miami-based rapper Pouya on the official remix for “Dat $tick”. The remix comes packaged in a wild music video that starts with Imanuel riding around on a hover board while engulfed in flames. After Chigga and a mechanized version of Pouya finish spitting verses in front of a row of trucks reinvented as casino slot machines, the Indonesian rapper morphs into Ghostface. 

The combination of the legendary rapper’s rendered head atop Chigga’s scrawny body is an unimaginable sight, especially when you factor in the animated mouth equipped fanny pack. Though the collaboration might seem surprising, Ghostface actually hinted at the possibility of the remix while talking to Chigga’s management 88 Rising back in July. While they were filming the hilarious reactions that rappers like Cam’ron, Tory Lanez, Flatbush Zombies, and others had to Rich Chigga, Ghostface was adamant about hopping on the remix. 

Clearly, Ghostface Killah is a man of his word, and the “Dat $tick Remix” is poised to go even more viral than the original. Although Imanuel is a self-professed comedian (watch his hilarious skit about being “addicted” to kush), his rhymes are surprisingly hard hitting. The home schooled rapper has never even stepped foot in the United States, but learned his crisp English from watching YouTube videos and talking to himself. He might seem like a joke to us, but the kid obviously had enough talent and tact to get the Ghost on his remix. Maybe it’s about time we start taking this goofy fanny pack wearing rapper a bit more seriously.



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