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Review: Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover's Guide to Gettin' It On

Cannabis and sex can go hand in hand - or with other body parts too.

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Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On is perhaps not so much a practical guide as it is an illustrious volume of pure entertainment and naughty divulgence.

The author, Mamakind, offers the reader seven chapters of debauchery and four humorous quizzes that could be straight out of a teen magazine – if that magazine was all about sex, weed, and the “teens” in question were kinky stoner adults. In addition, she takes the time to answer a few dozen questions from readers in a hilarious and fully fleshed out Q&A. It proves to be a well of entertainment in both the context of the questions as well as the witty and snarky answers.

The seven chapters are titled as follows:

  1. Introduction: Roachplay and Other Niceties
  2. Pot: Questions You’ll Never Ask Ed
  3. Fetishes and Anal: Long Live the Kind and Benevolent Kink
  4. The Magical Vaginarium of the Stonerchick Kind
  5. What Do I Do With the Males?
  6. Betcha Can’t Have Just One
  7. The Perpetual Harvest of Love

The chapters are more or less exactly like they sound – highly entertaining and raunchy with a large dash of humor. The quizzes range from ‘How Sexy a Stoner Are You?’ to ‘The Strain Within Us All: What Strain Are You?’

This is not a book that is for the faint of heart, or the prudish amongst us. Mamakind goes into graphic, titillating detail regarding her sexcapades, and does not hold back in her suggestions for thoroughly indulging in every sexual fancy from blowjobs to kink and everything in between.

Mamakind’s unabashed celebration of her sexuality is a deeply refreshing ode to the female sexual self in a world that more often than not tells women that their sexuality should be hidden (if not non-existent). In addition, the proclamation of her bisexuality in no uncertain terms is a beacon of visibility for a section of the LGBTQIA community that is so often ignored or even flatly denied.

Thus, the author takes us on a diverse array of adventures, from the time she lost her virginity, to the sizzling halls of Canadian sex clubs and orgies.

Don’t worry though, there is plenty of ganja celebration within the pages of this highly colorful text as well . Mamakind answers plenty of pressing questions from sexual stoners, such as what to do if your partner doesn’t approve of your tokin’ lifestyle, and whether or not others play the same kinky cannabis games they do.

Perhaps however, the greatest testament to Sex Pot’s intersection of cannabis and weed, is Mamakind’s brave adventures in the pursuit of the ‘pussytoke.’ What is a pussytoke, you ask?

Allow Mamakind to explain: “A woman should (with some eager assistance, a long-necked bong, and a good stash of dank nugs) insert the bong into her pussy, light the bowl and then slowly draw the neck out, creating the suction needed to have: a pussytoke.”

Under no delusions that this would be a practical way to get stoned, Mamakind takes the reader on her own adventures in attempting to master the pussytoke, for merely the sake of fun and (presumably) a good story.

Is she successful? Well, I’m not the type to hand out spoilers, so interested stoners will have to pick up a copy to find out for themselves. But after reading this book, it’s safe to say there may be none who love cannabis and sex as purely as Mamakind.

Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ it On is an outrageous, saucy and wildly entertaining read, that will be sure to suck you into the pages as you suck on your bong (or whatever else).

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