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New Pooper App Proves People are Lazy as Sh*t

You can now earn extra income picking up poo.

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We all know apps get people to do crazy shit but who would have ever thought an app would get people to pick up dog shit? As a dog owner carrying around a poop bag for a few miles with no trash can be troublesome but now an app called Pooper will summon someone to scoop your dog’s shit off of your neighbor’s lawn so you don’t have to.

According to the Pooper website, “Pooper was built with dog-lovers' lifestyles in mind. The intuitive interface makes it easy to request a scoop whenever and wherever your dog poops – whether you're on-the-go, carrying groceries, juggling kids, or just would rather have someone else deal with it.”

To quickly have an attendant pick up your dog’s poop,  sign up for one of their payment plans that allows for a certain number of pickups daily. The user must take a picture of the poop, tap the app to “Request a Scoop,” you leave and someone will be on their way to pick up the poop sending a confirmation to your phone once complete.

The service was created by two dog owners who told the Washington Post, “I am a real human being and a dog owner,” co-founder Ben Becker, adding that the other co-founder, Elliot Glass, is also a legit dog dad. “The world is getting faster and faster every day,” Becker said. “People’s attention is being pulled in 10 different directions at once. … This is just going to expedite things.”

On the other hand, are the cleaners who can sign up to pick up dog’s poop for cash. The user must turn on the app, and they will automatically receive notifications of poop in your area, tap to accept the scoop, follow the pin on the map, scoop and tap “complete.” Not only are you earning money you’re also giving back to the community by keeping the neighborhood waste-free.

Well the app is full of shit and according Newsweek both Becker and Glass had been working on the project all summer and wanted to begin a project that reflected the state of technology. Becker fooled Newsweek into thinking he was a startup executive for the company before he admitted to the hoax and were disturbed so many people signed up to be scoopers than poopers.

"It's a little bit disconcerting that it's such a demeaning job and so many people were eager to sign up to do it," Glass told Newsweek.

So eager even I signed up when I heard about being able to scoop dog poop since I’m walking my dog often I thought it would be an easy task. I’ve been trolled but the co-founders of the Pooper app really had some shit going for them in the long run.

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