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Pleasure Within: The Making of Foria

This is how Foria, the THC infused sensual oil designed “for her”, came to be.

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Foria’s creator, a man, explains how cannabis affected him one night while he was camping and how that night changed his perspective on the plant forever. After having a spiritual reaction to cannabis, Mathew Gerson, decided he was going to study Buddhism and become a monk—obviously, not what ended up happening but it’s what lead to his intimate connection with the plant.

After moving from Colorado to California, Gerson submerged himself in the medical cannabis community. He personally knew people who were using marijuana as a medicine to help treat various medical conditions and wanted to know more about how it worked. Whether it was smoking, eating or using oils, cannabis was helping these people, and Gerson thought that since it provides so much medical relief then maybe there could be something in cannabis for the sexual experience, too.

After his “ah-ha” moment, Gerson began his process of how best to take a cannabis concentrate and turn it into an oil that would be healthy for feminine hygiene and would be easily applied, like a lubricant. Once the product’s foundation was created the rest was history, and it's a little bottle of liquid that many women are happy has finally become something other than just a figment of our imagination.

This isn’t just about sex, this is about how cannabis as a plant is finally being understood for what it really offers rather than the stigmas and stereotypes it has been fighting for years.

Watch the video above and hear the story of Foria firsthand from the people that know it best.

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