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Planet Snoop: Snake Charmer

If you don’t like snakes, you will HATE this.

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Planet Snoop is (finally) back with an episode that is not for the squeamish. If you hate snakes, you will definitely hate this and probably feel beyond grossed out once it’s done. 

But, thanks to Snoop’s commentary and reaction, this video is one you will not want to miss. Even Snoop struggles to get through the video because snakes are a “Snoop phobia” (but honestly, who doesn’t have a phobia of snakes?). 

Snoop’s commentary is not only hilarious but it will make you feel like you aren’t alone since it probably mirrors the reaction of anyone who will ever watch this video. 

Planet Snoop was made for the people so let us know which video you think Snoop should narrate next. 

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