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Butt-Shaped Peach Emoji Returns on Apple’s Latest iOS Update

Dear Apple, feel free to take away my headphone jack, but don't you dare mess with my butt-shaped peach emoji.

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Alright folks, let’s cut straight to the chase here with an undeniable fact: not all Apple iPhone emojis were created equally. The yellow face crying with laughter or slyly smirking is much more widely used than the face without a mouth. Others have grown popular under a completely different connotation, such as the leafy tree that has grown to represent a nug of marijuana or the eggplant emoji that has been heavily sexualized for its phallic shape.   

One thing that has become clear from iPhone users is that they don’t like having their emojis fucked with, especially in the case of the butt-shaped peach emoji. Much like the eggplant, the bodacious peach emoji has been utilized to represent booty more than fruit. In Apple’s most recent iOS 10.2 update, the developers decided to replace the emoji with a peach that looked more like a plain old fruit than the suggestive form it took in the past. But once iPhone users caught word that the peach would be changed from its bootylicious form, internet outrage ensued.


After hearing the vast call to restore one of the world’s favorite sexting emojis, the Apple development team decided to reinvigorate the butt-shape peach for the betterment of mankind. The latest version does have a bit more fuzz than before, making the idea of a nice smooth butt a bit hairier, but the original shape has been restored nonetheless. This news is sure to be welcomed by the iPhone community, who will still be able to utilize the peach emoji in the suggestive manner that it was always meant to be used in.    

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