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Watch These Parents Tell Their Young Children That They Smoke Weed

The tables are briefly turned as stoner parents catch flack from their teetotaling grade school kids.

If you’ve ever had to have the “I smoke weed” conversation with your “just say no” leaning parents or anti-cannabis co-workers, you probably know how awkward and judgmental that talk can feel. Now imagine getting those same unfriendly stares and unfounded inquiries from your seven-year-old daughter. 

Continuing their video series gathering unlikely groups to discuss their feelings about cannabisThe Cut brought in some brave parents to come clean to their young children about their marijuana use. Understandably, the children were a little shocked to hear about their parents’ pastime.

In the video, most of the kids are already fully entrenched in idea that “drugs are bad,” and can’t really process their parents partaking. And while one kid tried to storm off the set after his mom admitted that she had gone behind her parents’ back to light up when she was a teen, another boy said he once saw someone smoke and “thought it was cool.”

The real star of the clip, however, is a young blonde daughter who is not happy that her mother sometimes substitutes wine with a stress-relieving joint. “I know it’s bad,” she says, while giving her mom some of the coldest stares we’ve ever seen. 

Eventually, the kids arrive at the most important question; is it okay for them to smoke weed? 

Like the responsible parents that they are, most of the adults explained to their offspring that getting high is only for grown-ups, and despite their own teenage use, that it would be better for them to wait until their brains are fully formed before trying any mind-altering substances. One dad jokingly goes a bit overboard, suggesting his son wait until his 30s or 40s to try the devil’s lettuce.

Of course, some of the children are already convinced that they will never succumb to the evils of weed, because, well, they “know it’s bad.” 

Talk to us in 10 years kid - and for now, make sure to leave an extra bowl or two of Froot Loops in the box for mom, she deserves it.

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