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Professionals are Embracing Cannabis Microdosing for Creative Productivity at Work

Eating infused mints and bite-sized chocolates gets the creative juices flowing without the stoned stupor.

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With cannabis legal in states across the U.S. and attitudes about the drug become less harsh by the day, some of the country’s leading professionals are starting to figure out that microdosing - or consuming small doses of a substance throughout the day - can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and in general a better working experience.

"I'm not digesting a crazy amount of marijuana and falling asleep at my desk," Marquise Prentice, a 33-year-old director of IT at a law firm in Los Angeles told Bloomberg News. "I'm active all day, functioning, and completing my tasks."

Prentice, like a growing number of microdosing professionals, takes 2-5mg servings of THC throughout the day, never reaching a point of serious intoxication, but also getting the medicinal, and mental benefits of cannabis.

Kiva Confections, one of California’s most popular brands of THC-infused edibles, has recently doubled-down on their microdosing offers, after figuring out that their 5mg Terra Bite chocolate-covered espresso beans were a best seller. To cater to the microdosing community, Kiva followed up the Terra Bites with Petra Mints, a 2.5mg edible made specifically for microdosing.

"People aren't using drugs to get blasted into outer space," Kiva’s communications manager, Christie Strong, said. "In a small amount, people are finding they are having more focus, instead of that typical cannabis experience when they're a little distracted and hazy."

For employees with superiors who see marijuana use as a detriment to their workplace, microdosing offers a discreet, almost undetectable way to consume cannabis at work. And while workers can still get fired for failing a drug test, even in states with legal weed provisions, some employers are changing their opinions about employee cannabis use.

Jeffrey Zucker, head of Green Lion Partners, a venture capital firm that specializes in cannabis companies, is a practitioner of microdosing, and encourages his employees to "do whatever will make them the most successful.”

Interested in trying the technique for yourself? Check out our guide to microdosing and see if low-dose use is right for you.


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