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Suspect Named in Dallas Police Ambush

The nation mourns yet another tragedy.

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The camera angle is from atop a roof high in the sky. Zoomed in, you can see someone shooting at another person, a police officer, who cowers behind a concrete pillar. The man with the gun runs up to the man and fires nearly ten point blank range shots. The officer then lies motionless on the ground.

That was the scene in Dallas Thursday, when a peaceful protest against officer-involved shootings turned fatal.

 Twelve officers were shot, five were killed. 

Warning the following video is graphic:

On Friday, police confirmed 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson as a suspect in the attack. The former Army reservist and Afghanistan veteran died in the overnight incident, police said. Johnson was working as an aide for mentally challenged children and adults before Thursday's mass shooting, NBC reports.

Early reports said police had three suspects — two men and one woman — in custody. However, a law enforcement source told NPR Johnson likely acted alone, and had been planning the attack for some time.

Police surrounded Johnson in a garage where they spent hours negotiating with him before detonating an explosive strapped to a robot killing him, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters. Brown said Johnson, “planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could.”

Shortly after the shootings, with tensions high, Dallas police posted a photo on Twitter of a “person of interest” dressed in camouflage and holding a rifle.

The photo was of Mark Hughes who was participating in the Black Lives Mattr protest along with his classmates and brother.

Hughes, who said he brought the unloaded weapon to exercise his right to bear arms, turned the weapon over to a nearby police officer, but not before the picture began circulating on social media.  

Despite turning himself in and being cleared by police, the photo has since been removed, but that hasn't stopped the death threats on Hughes and his family.

While police departments around the country remain on “heightened alert", notable celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Game, and John Legend have spoken out to condem the violence against police as counterproductive.

The shootings in Dallas come days after two black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, were shot by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota.

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