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Self-Driving Tesla Cars Could Eventually Become the New Standard

Cannabis isn’t the only green product making waves recently.

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It is almost 2017 and we were way behind on a future that The Terminator, The Matrix, and Back to the Future promised us. Will Smith’s futuristic iRobot practically foretold the rise of technology giant Tesla and a move for unmanned motor vehicles. Machines have not quite completely taken over our day to day operations and cars have remained firmly on the ground under our complete control…for now. 

Elon Musk and Tesla are taking us one step closer to the future when it was announced that the company will soon be fitting new vehicles with self-driving hardware as it previewed what the near future will look like when our roads are dominated by self-driving cars.

The first happy-go-lucky video, set to the theme of The Benny Hill Show gives us a glimpse at a world where road rage could be a thing of the past as a passenger sits in the driver’s seat, hands-free, with feet nowhere near the gas and brake pedals.

The next video is a faster pace preview proving the Tesla vehicle effortlessly maneuvering real world road conditions including unexpected moves from fellow motorists or pesky pedestrians. Sorry California residents, you may be required to do a full and complete stop at every stop sign from now on.


Whether or not Tesla reveals itself to be Skynet in the future can be saved for a future article. Until then, Tesla has become the leading private company to push for a greener and surprisingly more affordable, even lucrative, future. Recently, the company announced its plan to release the new Powerwall and Solar Roof panels that are said to be less expensive than a traditional roof.

While we cannot rely on our elected representatives to take care of our planet, Tesla has proven that for now the free market may be the only hope for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

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