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The Secret Service Is Softening Their Cannabis Policy to Attract New Talent

A need for more federal security means that some agents protecting the president might have a stoney past.

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Donald Trump’s top cop, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, once declared that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” to a room full of senators. Now, thanks to Trump’s large family, his wife’s decision to not live in the country’s most famed residence, and his ridiculously erratic travel schedule, those same downright terrible pot smokers might be the Secret Service agents tasked with protecting Trump and the rest of his administration - yup, you too, Jeff.

According to CNN, the stress Trump is putting on the Secret Service is pushing the agency’s director, Randolph Alles, to hire thousands of new agents. To find the most qualified people, Alles has also loosened the Service’s strict regulations on cannabis use.

Currently, agents are asked about drugs and alcohol during the hiring process. If they admit to smoking weed more than the allowed number of times, they are immediately disqualified. 

The agency’s new policy will take a “whole person” approach to marijuana use that takes into account the age at which a candidate last got stoned, as well as the amount of time that has passed between that smoke session and their application date.

We’re guessing that Alles and his hiring team are still pretty strict when it comes to stoners in the Secret Service, but they might be wise to change that. Just ask former FBI director James Comey, who famously said that the Bureau couldn’t hire the nation’s best hackers because they “want to smoke weed on the way to the interview.”

Maybe it’s time our politicians admit that cannabis users are America’s best and brightest, no matter what Jeff Sessions thinks.

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