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Parents Lose Their Minds Following the Appearance of “Pot Pants” for Toddlers on Amazon

It's a sign of the times.

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Concerned parents have been looking for ways to keep cannabis from becoming the norm, but were dealt yet another blow earlier this week. A line of children's leggings donning a digital cannabis leaf pattern appeared on Amazon this past Tuesday, and a number for parents and grandparents were outraged upon realizing that the pants were intended for children as young as three. The listing for the “pot pants” quickly disappeared later on that day.

The pants were sold by an online vendor Aoshilong-Baby (starting at $5.99) and marketed for children three to eight years old. The pants were a steal considering they were marked down from the steep price of $46.40. The seller is based out of Asia, and typically sells casual clothes for all ages. The description of the since deleted listing read “Little Girls Digital Printed Leaves Skinny Leggings Pants”. Amazon’s customer service line was flooded with calls from parents and grandparents who oppose marijuana as a result.

An anonymous grandparent in Southwest Florida saw the item and complained about it to Amazon. "Well I just think that's very inappropriate for a 3-year-old, not something they should be advertising," the grandparent told WFTX-TV. “A little link that says '“if you find anything inappropriate please let us know,”' and you can click on the link right from that page, and that’s just what I did.” The concerned grandparent didn't immediately receive a response from Amazon.

The floral print pattern became a fashionable retro trend for both men and women a few years ago, and the cannabis industry seems to have also latched onto the floral craze in recent years.

“Anything that normalizes marijuana with kids is child abuse,” Scott Chipman from Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana told The Huffington Post. Parents are now criticizing the way Amazon handled the item and its policy towards age restrictions.

While consuming marijuana is certainly not appropriate for children, is the mere symbol of marijuana really something to be concerned about? 

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