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Nevada Cannabis Consumption Laws Put Tourists in Sticky Situation

Nevada’s recreational cannabis law only allows use in private residences, leaving most tourists without a place to legally consume their pot.

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Since Nevada’s recreational cannabis system went into effect last month, it’s already been plagued with legal issues and lack of product. Thankfully, the state seems to have—at least temporarily— sorted out the problems regarding lack of distribution, but green-loving tourists in the Silver State still face a major problem when it comes to consuming their legally purchased pot.

Nevada’s recreational cannabis law mandates that marijuana is only to be consumed in a private residence, making it nearly impossible for out-of-state visitors to enjoy without breaking the rules. This means that tourists are not legally allowed to consume pot in casinos, hotels, cars, or anywhere else in the public vicinity.

With Nevada still stuck trying to implement the first steps of the newly approved regulations, some lawmakers have identified this issue and are calling for changes to accommodate the state’s massive influx of tourist. Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom has urged his fellow state lawmakers to allow areas for tourists to smoke up while they enjoy their vacation in Las Vegas, publically stating “marijuana is perfect for Sin City."

"People are already buying it. People are using it. So this is not something new. Let's go ahead and take the next step and acknowledge that fact and provide a venue for them where they can have fun,” Senator Segerblom said.

While Las Vegas casinos may seem like a prime location for pot parties, licensing requires the gaming industry to follow both federal and state laws. Therefore, the $13 billion gaming industry is currently unwilling to risk opening its doors to cannabis use. Meanwhile, local marijuana advocates are calling for pot cafes to be established, creating 420-friendly safe-havens similar to “coffee shops” in Amsterdam.

Unless some sort of legal zones are established for public cannabis use, visitors will have to remain very discreet with their usage of legal marijuana. Until a solution is integrated into the state’s cannabis system, non-Nevadans will be forced to bend the law in order to get stoned in Sin City.

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