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Twitter Lashes Out At Mike Pence for “That Mexican Thing” Statement During Vice Presidential Debate

Hispanics on social media had some choice words for Pence’s thoughtless and brash statement about that #ThatMexicanThing.

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Last night’s Vice Presidential debate was definitely tamer than the first battle between presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (which isn’t exactly saying much), as both Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence squared off on mostly policy-related issues throughout the night. However, one major slip up by Pence didn’t get past the omnipresent eyes of Twitter users, who have turned his regrettable catchphrase of the debate into a top trending hashtag.  

While Kaine was prodding at Pence about Trump’s ass-backwards immigration policy, the Republican retorted by saying, “Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again.” Though it initially seem that his thoughtless words had any straightforward malicious intent, his statement was negatively perceived by Latin American viewers and others who are active on the Twittersphere. 

Now, social media users are hammering down on Pence for the poor judgment he displayed with his remarks. Some are straight mocking him and his outspokenly ignorant running mate, while others are using the #ThatMexicanThing hashtag as a point of pride and support for Mexican immigrants across the country.





The remarks have even led to the creation of a website,, which redirects to a page where you can register to vote. 

Other than Pence's very poor choice of words, the debate between remained relatively civil and focused on actual issues. Still, the three words were enough to rekindle the perception that Trump and Pence are running a campaign fueled off of hateful rhetoric and divisiveness. 

Unfortunately for the Republican party, Pence’s crude remarks weren’t even the most embarrassing part of the night. 90 minutes prior to the Vice Presidential debate, the GOP accidentally published a number of articles on their website claiming that Pence was the victor. His performance was nearly as nerve-racking as Trump's last week, but regardless, Pence has given the Hispanic community yet another reason to speak out against the ignorant and hateful campaign that Trump has been running.  




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