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Marijuana Plants Stolen From Liverpool Police Station

A Freedom of Information request resulted in a list of items stolen from police stations, which included a couple plants and a bag of buds.

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If you get your weed stolen, there’s not much you can do. Even in legalized states, calling the cops and asking them to search for your missing ounce seems is likely a fool’s errand. And in England, where marijuana is still staunchly illegal, calling the cops for stolen weed is out of question entirely. But what happens when weed is stolen from the police? Apparently, they don’t call anyone either. Have anyone they can call either.

According to the Liverpool Echo, a Freedom of Information Request by the website FOI Proxy resulted in a list of items stolen from local Liverpool police stations. And in among the iPads, bikes and a policeman’s hat, were a report of the theft of two cannabis plants and three bags of “cropped cannabis.”

The weed went missing from the Merseyside Police Station in 2015, where it was being held as evidence. It’s still not clear who took it, and although there might have been a hush-hush internal investigation, the theft was not reported publicly at the time.

“Most stations have secure lockable storage facilities for police property and items handed in by the public. From time to time things go missing, sometimes they are stolen by unscrupulous thieves and occasionally items are mislaid or unintentionally disposed of, but can be classed as stolen.” A Merseyside Police spokesman said in a statement.

“Any losses, while regrettable, constitute a small fraction of the huge volumes of material handled, with an estimate of more than 250,000 exhibits and lost property per year being handled at police stations across the force area.” The spokesman continued.

And while it might be possible that some daring cat burglar snuck into the evidence locker overnight, our best guess is that someone who works in the building got low on their stash and decided to re-up at the office free of charge. 

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