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Man Kills Wife After Eating Weed Candy

Surviving family members file suit against marijuana manufacturer

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Munching on a marijuana-infused candy is usually a sweet and relaxing experience, but one Colorado family alleges that a piece of weed candy drove Richard Kirk to murder his wife, Kristine, back in 2014.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the grandparents of the couple's three young children, claims that both the company who manufactured the marijuana candy, and the dispensary who sold it to Kirk, “recklessly and purposefully” failed to warn him about the possible side effects of the candy. The possible side effects include hallucinations and other psychotic behavior.

The family said they have suffered both emotionally and financially because of what they claim to be a "marijuana-induced" murder.

The candy, called the “Karma Kandy Orange Ginger", was created by Gaia’s Garden LLC and was sold to Kirk by Nutritional Elements Inc. The bite-sized edible contains just about 10 milligrams of THC, which isn’t much compared to other heavy-duty edibles on the market.

But, the lawsuit claims that these companies failed to include warnings about “known side effects” on the packaging of the candy, which has put these companies on the defendant stand along with Richard Kirk.

Although it was proven that the edible candy was ingested by Kirk, his toxicology report showed he had 2.3 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood the night of the shooting—well below Colorado’s 5 nanogram driving limit.

The defense has reportedly gathered a number of witnesses including a psychiatrist, psychologist, toxicologist, and an expert on the effects of marijuana—all of whom they plan to utilize to argue that Kirk did not have the mental capacity to plan or kill his wife.

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