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Leaders To Know of Cannabis and Technology

Cannabis products are tapping into technology to create advanced new ventures.

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Now that legalization is on the horizon, many rookie and veteran companies see large gaps in the legal cannabis market. One of these gaps is the lack of innovation and development of new ways to smoke/vaporize/dab cannabis. There are some products that push the boundaries but there is room for many more. Just now coming on the market are new and improved methods of consuming cannabis and we should expect to see many more released as the legalization train keeps rolling.

At the present moment there are pipes featuring heat sinks with spring-loaded carb action, sleek and stylish flower vapes, utilitarian vapes with astounding efficiency, and of course the classic desktop vaporizers. The industry is more diverse than ever in terms of the technology and the style that goes in to these products. Companies are focusing more on portability, style and efficiency. It is an exciting time to be alive with so many companies jockeying for a foothold in the cannabis industry.

One such product is the Incredibowl that comes in a large version and a mini version that can be used with your bong in replacement of the traditional style bowl. The smaller Incredibowl m420 works just fine with its included tube but it shines when attached to your bong allowing bigger and milkier hits than a standard bowl. The spring-loaded carb acts to force air through your piece allowing you to clear it easier. The design of the Incredibowl is innovative in its own right and expect to see more devices built to replace the standard glass bowl.

Another interesting trend is the evolution of portable flower vapes, because the oil and concentrates portables are great but sometimes you want to vape your flower. Some of the best on the market are the Pax 2 from Ploom and the Crafty/ Mighty from the infamous Storz and Bickel makers of the classic Volcano. Both of these vapes are popular and by all accounts fantastic products. But, they couldn’t be more different when it comes to their tech and style. The Pax2 is meant to be a fashion statement with its sleek and modern look and the ability to switch out mouthpieces of different colors and types. The Pax2 is trying to be the ultimate accessory--vaping your flower and looking good while doing it.

The Crafty and Mighty have a different style that depending on your personal taste you may like better than the Pax2 or think it's ugly. Both the Crafty and Mighty only come in black and could easily be mistaken for some kind of electric gadget that should be tucked into a general contractor’s tool box. The Crafty and Mighty are designed to vaporize your flower as efficiently as possible focusing on practicality and functionality.




The Pax and the Crafty/Mighty use different methods of heating your flowers to the appropriate temperature. The Pax2 uses a conduction heating method and the Crafty uses a convection heating method. The main difference being that your herb is in direct contact with the heating element with conduction heating and in convection heating hot air is drawn through and around your herb. Both get you medicated and place their focus on different and important aspects of the experience. They look completely different and hold different philosophies like most new products in an undefined market.

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, concentrates are everywhere and it’s only going to keep going from here. Major steps have been needed for some time in how we consume concentrates because until recently it has been the crudest method by far. Dabbing looks scary, like your mom taking you straight to rehab if she catches you doing it scary. Part of the cannabis boom is the quiet competition to negate the need for that butane torch that might be keeping some novices away from concentrates in general.

Some of the products trying to do just that are the Bolt by Dabado and the VapeXhale Cloud Evo. The Cloud Evo is essentially a classic desktop vaporizer with the added ability to use a water pipe attachment, making this product pretty close to a complete bong or rig replacement system. With the Evo you place your concentrate at the bottom of a glass accessory that fits into the vape enabling you to inhale the concentrate vapor through the water attachment, like an oil rig.


The Bolt takes a different angle on changing how we dab, it is a completely portable e-nail. The Bolt’s design keeps all the essential elements of dabbing by designing a titanium nail heated by the press of a button and attached to a water attachment. Just drop your concentrate onto the nail like usual and inhale through the included water attachment, just like the old days. These types of innovations from the Evo and Bolt are what the cannabis industry needs to do to push the industry forward.

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Cloud Evo

There are going to be many new products coming out with familiar features and some you are going to have to learn how to use with an instruction manual. It is great for consumers and the cannabis industry itself that competition seems to be heating up in this area. Pretty soon we will all be dabbing off of hand held e-nails and vaporizing our herb with an assortment of available devices.

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