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WTF/FYI: Flooded Louisiana Awaits a Presidential Response from Hillary Clinton

More than two weeks after the floods, Clinton has yet to visit the devastated region.

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It's been 18 days since the historic flooding that have devasated parts of Louisiana. 

In the weeks following the slow recovery, while mainstream media attention has moved on a small Louisiana newspaper The Advocate had this to say: 

"Clinton has said she’d rather wait to visit when her presence won’t be a distraction from relief efforts. But if the incumbent president of the United States can visit Louisiana without doing apparent harm to flood response operations, then surely the woman who’s a leading contender to succeed him can do the same," the editorial says.

"Louisiana is a reliably red state with few electoral votes, and Clinton isn’t likely to flip it to her column in the coming election," it continues. "But Louisiana’s crisis should be a call to conscience and compassion, not the cold calculus of electoral math. The scale of this disaster argues for sustained, bipartisan resolve to rebuild our broken state.

"If she wants to be the next president, Hillary Clinton should act like one, and come to Louisiana."

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