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Floyd Landis Trading In His Pedals for Pot

Former professional cyclist, banned for doping, wants to now help athletes with cannabis

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One might think there isn't much of a future for an athlete who was banned from a sport due to the use of performance enhancing drugs. Then again, the marijuana industry has created more unconventional opportunities than most people may have ever imagined.

Former professional cyclists Floyd Landis and David Zabriskie have announced their participation in the world of legal weed with their brand, Floyd’s of Leadville. The Colorado-based company boasts their dedication to using products in a high-altitude setting with natural sunlight, and the best quality water and soil.

The former teammates have joined forces after a tough decade since their suspension.  

Landis admits he has had a difficult time during his comeback attempt once his suspension was lifted in 2009. Since 2011, he has waged a multi-million dollar federal whistleblower lawsuit against former teammate Lance Armstrong.

Landis wants to utilize his talents in the growing pot industry to help other athletes in their own struggles throughout the intense competitive nature of professional sports.

“Our market is athletes who want to relax or feel good after a workout,” says Landis, whose 2006 Tour de France title was stripped after he tested positive for testosterone merely days after the race. “Some people say it helps with their focus and attention. For me, it’s for afterwards to help mitigate pain.”

Some might say moving from performance enhancing drugs to cannabis-laced products is not at all surprising for Landis, who has been using oils and creams made from cannabidiol (CBD) extracts since his hip replacement surgery in 2006.

Recent studies show evidence that cannabidiol can relieve pain and inflammation associated with cancer and arthritis. Floyd’s of Leadville products will contain both.

“We take a transdermal substrate, a base that’s designed for administering hormones,” he says. “We add oil extracts of THC or CBD. It absorbs quickly into the bloodstream. It’s a lot faster than eating.”

According to Landis, his products are similar to the testosterone creams he used throughout his five Tour de France rides during the early 2000s. The two cyclists join a growing list of athletes hitching a ride on the marijuana freight train. Whether they are seeking redemption, success, or both, they have laid their tracks on the correct course.

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