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Florida Cop Caught Stealing $100 Bills From Suspect

All of the cases the former Sheriff’s deputy handled must now be reviewed.

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A Florida cop has resigned from his job after being caught on his own bodycam stealing $100 bills from a suspect's wallet. Former Volusia County sheriff's deputy John Braman confessed to stealing cash from Thomas French, who Braman arrested for reckless driving.

According to Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the incident was caught on the cop's own body camera. "It's a black eye on law enforcement, which is already under attack," Chitwood said. "He made a conscious decision to be a thug with a badge and he was shaking people down."

Braman had previously been accused of stealing $400 in cash from Charlotte Gonio, who he arrested on a DUI charge last month. Gonio was unable to prove that Braman took her money, but her DUI charge has since been dropped due to Braman's involvement. Prosecutors have also had to drop charges in 17 open cases where Braman's testimony was "proof beyond a reasonable doubt," according to Assistant State Attorney Shannon Peters.

The State Attorney's Office is now sending letters to defense attorneys in every case Braman has been involved with, to alert them to the charges brought against the former deputy. The attorneys could then file motions to reverse their clients' convictions if Braman's testimony was the only proof against them.

No charges were filed against Braman, who resigned from the force on January 30th.

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