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FBI Director Comey Confirms Official Investigation Into Trump-Russia Collusion

FBI Director James Comey officially acknowledged that the intelligence community is investigating the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia in interfering with the presidential election.

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As Donald Trump continues to distract the nation with baseless wiretapping allegations and a Twitter feud with Snoop Dogg, the troubling possibility that his campaign was unlawfully in cahoots with Russia has officially reached the public stage. 

Earlier today, during a hearing with the House Intelligence Committee that lasted hours, FBI Director James Comey publicly acknowledged that the intelligence community is currently investigating Russia’s alleged meddling in the presidential election. The probe is focused on whether the Trump campaign was illegally and directly involved or not.

The hearing put Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers on the stand to answer questions from the committee about Russia’s alleged influence on the November presidential election, as well as the Trump campaign's involvement.  

Comey also added that he had “no information” to back up Trump’s claim that former president Barack Obama had wiretapped the Trump Tower. He also assured the committee that the FBI looked carefully into the president’s baseless allegations, but found no proof on the matter. 

Before the hearing even began, Trump was already defending himself on Twitter, unleashing a string of tweets that referred to the Russian investigation as “fake news” that was “made up” by the Democrats to smear him and his administration (again). 



Regardless of Trump’s preemptive denial, the lengthy hearing laid out a sketchy web of connections involving a slew of members from the president’s administration as well as campaign participants.  

Numerous questions were asked about disgraced former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign after his ties to Russia were discovered, and Republicans on the intelligence committee seemed mostly focused on figuring out who leaked the proof of Flynn's pre-inauguration conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Other shady connections include former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who is currently wanted for questioning in Ukraine over an ongoing corruption case, as well as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and U.S. District Attorney Jeff Sessions, among others.

Needless to say, the public confirmation of the intelligence community’s investigation hints that Trump’s house of cards might be starting to collapse from all sides. While the outcome of the investigation is still pending, it remains to be seen whether the president will be at the center of this scandal when it all falls down.  

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