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DEA Raids One of Montana's Largest Dispensaries

Locals are baffled as to why this popular dispensary was targeted.

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Agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on Wednesday morning raided one of the largest medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of Montana.

Authorities declined to release any information regarding the reason behind the raid. However, witnesses saw agents enter the Montana Buds dispensary, located in the town of Four Corners, and remove several items. According to the witnesses, the items were then placed in a storage trailer.

“I witnessed the DEA agent along with the local law enforcement, which was surprising, allowing the patients and employees to leave. I did see one employee being questioned in private,” said Eugenio Garcia, who publishes Cannabis Now.

Garcia was at a loss to say why the dispensary was being raided, saying that it had always appeared to him that the business operated within the bounds of state law.

“[T]he reputation for Montana Buds from the community—that I’m aware of—is a positive one and that they’ve always operated within state guidelines,” he said.

Montana has dealt with cannabis raids in the past, with 26 raids of medical cannabis facilities occurring in 2011 by federal agents in 13 cities state-wide. During those raids, thousands of cannabis plants were reportedly seized and millions of dollars in assets were frozen. According to Garcia, however, raids these days are “absolutely not common.

Via Cannabis Now

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