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Ezekiel Elliot's Dispensary Visit Was Totally Legal, So Why All the Hype?

The Dallas Cowboys rookie shouldn't have to apologize for being curious about weed.

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NFL players are speaking up about controversial issues more than ever and with the football season approaching players are getting caught up with banned substances.

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has taken heat after he was seen visiting Herban Legends dispensary in Seattle before an exhibition game against the Seattle Seahawks. The 21-year-old rookie told reporters that he was curious but did not make any purchases.

“I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I wasn’t breaking any laws or anything. It was a bad decision. It was something I shouldn’t have done. But I know now,” Elliot told reporters.

For the rising star Elliot must also understand he is now under a microscope anywhere he goes and choose to pose for a photo with a fan outside the shop. These images circulate throughout social media faster than these guys can run the 40-yard dash, just ask Aldon Smith and Laremy Tunsil.

“It was a bad decision,” Elliott said. “Just seen it walking around. I was curious. Didn’t really think about it before I went in what the repercussions could have been. It wasn’t like I was trying to hide it or anything. I took pictures with people. It wasn’t like I was up to no good.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Washington and Denver since 2014 and since then has attracted many tourists just for marijuana. found that Denver hotel searches went up 73% compared to the year before, for the Marijuana festival weekend of April 2014, the first to be held following legalization of marijuana sales. And let’s be honest most people who visit legal states would like to see how these pot shops look inside and operate – the same curiosity that the kids had visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

People are interested in pot shops yet Elliot did it under legal circumstances but was admonished by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett who were both disappointed in Elliot’s visit to the pot shop and Elliot has issued an apology to both since.

“You definitely got to think of the perception of things before you actually do certain things,” Elliott said. “It may not seem like a big deal to you yourself but there is a bigger picture. It’s definitely a learning experience about the scrutiny. You just got to be careful and not give anyone a chance to say anything.”

If players like Kaepernick are being honored for speaking out than Elliot should be admired for his stance to seek a possible alternative to pain medication. The NFL should take pride in their players educating themselves instead of trying to tackle an ongoing issue.

NBA star Charles Barkley had this to say about Elliot’s visit:

“That’s just stupid, man. He’s got to be smarter than that. I mean, that’s just stupid. It’s like Ryan Lochte, that’s just stupid. Just tell the truth and apologize …

“I’m like, c’mon man, you gotta be smarter than that. I’m not a marijuana guy, I think I’ve told you, I smoked pot like five times in my life.  All it did was [make] me want to eat potato chips. It was a waste of my time. I didn’t feel no euphoria, it didn’t take me to no special place, I just said, ‘Do we have any more potato chips in the state of Alabama or Pennsylvania?’ …

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“This guy thinks he can just walk into a marijuana store, legal or not, it’s just a bad look. Sometimes I watch sports today, I’m like, you’ve got to have some common sense.”

The Boss Dogg has some words to say about Elliot visiting the shop:


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