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Company Develops 3D Printed Childproof Cannabis Containers

Additive manufacturing is taking over the cannabis container market.

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It's a great time to be in plastics in the world of legal cannabis. Green Technology Solutions is partnering with a 3D printing company to develop state-of-the-art child-proof cannabis containers. The developments are coming in just in time for edible labeling restrictions sweeping the nation.

In Colorado for instance, state law requires that edibles are enclosed with at least one child-resistant exit package. 3D printing is technically called additive manufacturing (AM). The additive manufacturing market is rapidly expanding and grew to $4.1 billion in 2014. Additive manufacturing has replaced injection molding and milling in some cases. That market has permeated into the medical, aerospace and technology markets.

3D printing opens up the door to a whole new world of possibilities. It's enabled developers to invent complex heart valve replacements and architectural models. It's also helped develop cost-effective plastic products.

The latest prototype being developed at Green Technology Solutions features a unique sliding mechanism that requires adult strength in order to open. 6th Dimension Technologies, who is partnering with GTSO, specialized in custom products. Together they are engineering new and affordable ways to protect children from medical cannabis.

“We’re working to engineer a rigid container that can be easily opened by an adult but remains inaccessible to small children,” wrote Green Technology Solutions CEO Wallace W. Browne. “We’re exploring a wide variety of potential production methods, including additive manufacturing, injection molding and milling. The prototypes that receive the best feedback from our focus groups will be patented.”

Last Halloween season, Colorado residents were worried that people would pass out candy laced with cannabis. "We are working on new, childproof packaging for edibles that will put parents' minds at ease," Browne said. "The variety of edible products popular with cannabis consumers is nearly endless.

The industry is demanding a very wide selection of suitable packaging options in order to safely deliver the products that clients and patients want to buy."

The company's latest model is the Lock Box. The Lock Box design is still in the testing phase as developers are experimenting with sizes and materials. The company plans on releasing its first childproof model in early 2016.

Green Technology Solutions is helping retailers comply with local edible restrictions set in place. The company is ready for the next phase for child-proof cannabis containers.

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