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Colorado Marijuana Shops Shattered Record with 4/20 Sales

How Colorado sold $7.3M of marijuana in one day.

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In record fashion, and on what is considered the national pot holiday, April 20 or 4/20 for most, Colorado sold $7.3 million worth of legal pot and had nearly $117 million in total transactions in April shattering the previous records. The previous records for sales during a single day in Colorado occurred on September 16, 2015 during a tax holiday totaling $6.1 million, and total sales in December earlier this year at $101 million.

The most popular product sold at dispensaries were marijuana concentrates that saw 133% growth in April, which was nearly a quarter of product sales at $27 million. The pot holiday is being embraced by more Colorado residents and each year the rise of marijuana sales has been a staggering 53% year-over-year since legalization in 2012. So, If you’re in the market to invest in the cannabis sector it's probably time to do so before it gets any higher.