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Colorado Dogs Are Getting High on Their Owner's Supply

Since legalization, there's been an increase in the number of dogs who need to be treated for ingesting weed.

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Medical marijuana may be benefiting a lot of human beings out in the beautiful, mountainous state of Colorado, but there are some creatures who’ve actually been negatively affected as of late. Jefferson County emergency animal hospital reported the number of dogs needing treatment for marijuana ingestion has skyrocketed. In fact, the hospital reported they treat at least five dogs a day for eating up their unsuspecting owners stash.

In the cases that this animal hospital has dealt with, symptoms have included lethargy, immobility, and anxiety-induced drooling. Although very few animals have died from ingesting marijuana, there’s a chance that a canine companion could still suffer mental issues, stress, seizures, and exposure to harmful toxins. If the dog is treated within four hours of the ingestion, inducing vomiting can help alleviate the side effects, but for those pups who have had their high going for longer than that are in a bit more trouble, because at that point, the marijuana shuts off the dog’s gag reflex.

There’s no denying the immense benefits that medicinal marijuana has presented Colorado’s citizens and economy, but we still must be aware of the danger it could present to man’s best friend.

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