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Churchgoers Hospitalized After Eating Weed Cookies

THC-laced cookies make churchgoers sick.

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At least six people ended up in the emergency room last week after they ate THC-laced cookies after mass at St. John The Apostle Church in Indiana. The six people attending mass ranged from ages 12 to 70 and were later brought to IU Health Bloomington Hospital with symptoms ranging from high blood pressure, anxiety, lethargy, and paranoia.

The cookies were given to the six people by another church member from a close by church. Police later determined the drug was found after a cookie, which one of the churchgoers saved, was sent to the Indiana State Police lab for testing. This was also later confirmed by urine samples that tested positive for cannabinoids.

All six of the people did not have any long lasting or serious side effects from eating the THC-laced cookies. Police are still investigating the matter.

THC-laced edibles can be very tricky as most people don’t know how much they should consume. In this case, these people were not told what was in the cookies so next time someone gives you a cookie make sure you find out what may be in it.

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